With 1000 ideas in your head

I'm Tina Kim-Wieser...

Born and raised in South Korea, I have always placed great value on excellent food and beautiful living. Uniqueness is important to me - this is reflected in my works.

At the young age of 16, I was lured from my homeland into the wide world, so I went to Europe to study music and art and then complete a hotel management school.

In between, I took many trips to get to know the world, its people, their customs and customs.

But finally I settled in Salzburg thanks to my husband Hermann and I have stayed in Salzburg to this day.😉

Together with him I ran the "Garnhofhütte" in Zauchensee & "Hermann & Tina's Restaurant" in Altenmarkt im Pongau in Austria.

Of course, our restaurants were already equipped with hand-made, self-made works in order to present our dishes in a special way. Because, as we all know, your eyes eat with you ;-)

These experiences made me a cosmopolitan, creative person with a special sense of style and aesthetics.

Love for crafts!

But because a big change was needed and my love for crafts IN & FROM the region grew, I am now devoting myself entirely to my great passion and creating practical & beautiful things in a cosmopolitan design.

Since I've had 1,000 ideas in my head since I was little and love handicrafts, doing and designing things myself gives me the greatest joy and fulfillment.

I am happy to pass on my skills and knowledge to interested parties in workshops. But if you have two left hands😉, you can of course just browse through my shop. ;-)

2260°F Pottery:

Little by little with passion and creativity, but above all with a lot of love.

2260°F products, each part is hand formed or turned on the turntable.

We love giving the earthy material its purpose and creating something usable and sustainable from it!

2260°F is manufactured using a high-fire process (over 2260 Fahrenheit), making it dishwasher safe, microwave safe and glazed with food-safe glazes. The glazes do not contain any heavy metals such as: Lead, cadmium!

Each piece is unique; we do not produce mass-produced goods or entire series.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven safe


#happyhome #happyhotel #happyrestaurant!

Gastro inquiries:

Tableware sets inquiries:

Are you also thinking about having tableware made specifically for your restaurant and your style?

We make it possible for you!

Your restaurant will be spiced up with my unique pieces.

All 2260°F products are united by the joy of creativity and individual design. We particularly focus on cosmopolitan design with quality and sustainability.

Thanks to my years of experience in gastronomy, I speak the same language and know what is important at Gschirr!

Feel free to arrange a meeting with Tina! We are very pleased!


Heuer, 2024 können wir leider keine Workshops anbieten, da wir an zwei größeren Projekten teilnehmen. Bitte um Verständnis!

Tauche ein in die entspannende Welt der Töpferei und finde deinen Ausgleich im kreativen Prozess des Formens und Gestaltens mit Ton. Lasse den Alltagsstress hinter dir, während deine Hände behutsam den Ton modellieren und dabei eine tiefe innere Ruhe entsteht. Dieser Moment der Konzentration und Entschleunigung ermöglicht es dir, neue Energie zu tanken und deinen Geist zu erfrischen. In unserem Keramikkurs findest du nicht nur die Möglichkeit, deine künstlerische Seite zu entfalten, sondern auch einen Raum, um in Harmonie mit dir selbst zu kommen und deine innere Balance wiederzufinden.

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